YY Update December 2016

peregrine-juv-yy-norwich-120616-bIn the Summer of 2016 Peregrine YY having fledged from the nest at Norwich Cathedral was unable to fly effectively. A decision was made by the Hawk and Owl Trust to remove the bird and send it for rehabilitation. During this process when flying after live prey she suffered another setback, fracturing her scapula.

The healing was going well and her flying had recommenced, however it was very obvious that things were not right. So YY was taken back to Neil Forbes and had a CT scan. The CT scan shows she had a ‘un-united coracoid and scapula’.

The results and advice we have been given indicates that this injury will now not heal without surgery. The chances of a positive outcome are less than 50%, however a united decision has been taken that we owe YY a chance of recovery as the alternative is euthanasia.

If she gets through the surgery, which will happen later this week, then it will be a long process to get her flying again as she will need to have a rest and moult before any flying can be attempted, therefore it could easily be late 2017 before she is released.

When more information is available we will update this site.

3 Responses to YY Update December 2016

  1. Thank you so much for the update as have been thinking about how she is doing the last few months. So pleased that she is getting a chance of recovery.

  2. Have been wondering for the past few months how chick YY was doing and very pleased to get an update. Hope the operation goes well, and she is eventually able to fly.

  3. Thank you for the update. Having followed the traumas of this brood it is interesting to read more, although clearly the outcome Is not proving to be ideal. I hope she pulls through and eventually becomes strong enough to fly again.

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