Website Information Update: Webcams and Forum

As users to our web sites may or may not be aware there has been a considerable number of security updates made available over the past couple of weeks by the major software suppliers. Users may or may not also have experienced some difficulties in viewing our live camera feeds (Bath and Norwich Peregrines and Somerset Barn Owls).

We have, this afternoon, been informed that earlier today our software streams from the live cameras have been updated. We would urge all users that if they still experience difficulties to check that they are using the latest operating system and browser updates.

Earlier this week we experienced a major spam issue with our forum website and a decision was taken to immediately remove it to protect all users. This has now been investigated further; due to the age of some of the software and the non-availability of new updates we are very sorry to inform you that the site will not be reinstated. We can confirm that this was run as an isolated website and no data were compromised.

We are in the process of initial planning for a new website and will make further announcements on this in the future regarding its content.

3 Responses to Website Information Update: Webcams and Forum

  1. Because I am in Seattle (time issues) I have depended on posters to help me stay updated on the doings at both Norwich and Bath. Plus, they are such sweet people and can turn a lively phrase that I miss them, too. I hope you will be able to reinstate the forum in the future. Many thanks.

  2. Very sorry to hear this. I will miss the forum very much with the screenshots and news about ‘Norman’, GA and the GC. Hope there will be a new opportunity for their many fans to get together again before too long. Many thanks for keeping the webcams going.

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