Urban Peregrine Project Update – Monday 12th December

Further to the update last week.

The operation on the Peregrine YY went according to plan and Neil Forbes our vet who was undertaking the procedure was very pleased with the result, however, YY failed to come out of the anaesthetic and we regret to have to inform you all that she very sadly died. This was something that we did not expect, but alas happens on occasions and everyone was very sad considering the time and effort everyone had devoted.

On a final note the platform and equipment at Norwich Cathedral is to be shortly checked and cleaned and preparations are in hand with the Cathedral in readiness for 2017 season.

13 Responses to Urban Peregrine Project Update – Monday 12th December

  1. Oh poor YY! How very sad. At least she was given a chance by going to Newent and having this latest op. What a year this has been for the Norwich peregrines! Hope that all will go much more smoothly for next year’s brood.

  2. Thank you for the update. It is sad to hear she passed but it is heartwarming to know of so many who are involved with this project.

  3. Such sad news, poor YY. What a sad year this has been for Norwich peregrines and my first season on checking their webcam from eggs to birds. Wendy’s comments has left me with tears in my eyes. Hopefully next year will fair better.

  4. This is so sad. Went to see YY at the centre where she was being looked after. We shall look forward to watching the Norwich peregrines next year and hopefully we may have some at Worcester too.

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