Two healthy chicks for Bath Peregrines

Female just fed the two chicks; big juicy breast section. She then left the box with the remnants to cache. Male followed her begging but gave up the chase and returned to the church. I haven’t seen him bring any food in, and as she seems happy to leave the chicks unattended for 15 mins now it looks like she’s doing the ‘shopping’.  After she returned he sat on a turret begging for about 5 mins; quiet now. Very fresh teal head and feathers, Ed. Also various pigeon legs and a couple of heads.
Hamish10/05/2013 13:22
Female in the box and male is back on guard duty after yesterday’s ‘incident’ in which he appeared to be being reminded that falcons do baby minding and tiercels do food supply and shouting at gulls until advised to the contrary. She had moved to the edge of the box to lighten the load and he slipped into the box. He stared at the chicks, seemed to recall he should do something involving them and his beak but when game offered to two wide gapes they shut their beaks an just stated at him. She then returned and amid much vocalising he beat a hasty retreat. She’s just left the box. Still only two chicks.
Still 2 chicks and two eggs, but the chicks appear really healthy, feeding well and being well fed. I took a screen grab from my monitor (to follow from home) which is not webcam quality but will give you an idea of how demanding they are already.
Hamish08/05/2013 15:23