Things continue to plan at the Bath Peregrines

Incubation continues well, with both birds being attentive to the task and changeovers being done seamlessly.

In recent days three interloping peregrines have been seen around St John’s, all at the same time. Yesterday the falcon chased off an advanced immature that landed near the weathercock; looked the same size when they were both within one binocular view, so I assume a falcon. What was interesting was that when the immature lifted, the falcon did not pursue it.  Over the winter we had a number of ‘visitors’, so there may have been an element of familiarity.  Also, from the way the interloper landed ‘comfortably’ at the top of the spire, it is highly likely that this is one of last year’s juveniles a year on.  To date, thankfully, there have been no unwelcome visits to the nest box.

Here we see tiercel AA leaving the nest box just after midday today with eyes turned aloft.

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