The Three Peregrine Chicks at Norwich Cathedral are Growing Fast

The three surviving chicks in the Hawk and Owl Trust nest box on the spire at Norwich Cathedral are growing rapidly now. The larger chick will probably weigh nearly a kilo (or the equivalent to a bag of sugar!). The rapid growth means that this is a busy time for the parent birds. They are kept very busy providing the chicks with the fresh meat they need. This is a good time to visit the watchpoint in The Close at Norwich Cathedral as the birds can been seen clearly leaving and returning to the nest.slide_00

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  1. Will today be the day our last little Norwich perigrine joins his/her siblings. It’s making all the right motions but looks a bit apprehensive.

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  2. I can only see 2 of them but was watching half an hour ago and could see all 3. Is the third one tucked away somewhere? Please don’t say one has fallen over the ledge!

  3. I guess it’s nature in the raw. But the Nottingham falcons bring in live prey, and its very hard sitting on the other side of a screen watching a bird being ripped apart and dying slowly. I thought it was a quick kill but now I’ve seen it a few times apparently not.

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