Success at our Nest Box in Bath as all Three Chicks Fledge

Bath Peregrines Fledging Update:

Our nest box at St Johns Church in Bath has seen alot of action over the past week with all 3 chicks fledging successfully and now seen jumping about on the roof of the nest box and flying around the church grounds and Bath city centre. The exact fledging of the birds was unfortunately not captured on our webcam as they seemed to have had a fascination with jumping on and off of the roof in exploration for food. As such their first actually fledging took place from the roof out of site of the camera. Sent directly from our guys down in Bath is the best footage that we have been able to capture, enjoy!

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  1. Hamish says this could be from a nest close to Keynsham, follow up on the peregrine at the parish church Keynsham, it is difficult to catch the letters through the telescope on the blue ring but it looks like HG, the only time I can catch it is when it is preening and with the extensive baby feathers around it’s leg a lot of it is obscured. It is still arriving early morning, takes up one of it’s two spots on the north or east side of the tower and leaving just before sundown. Hope the HG means something. Bob

    • Hi Bob

      HG is a female we ringed in 2014 at Bath so she’d be well into her adult plumage by now. Next nearest match would be KG which was ringed to the south of Bristol in 2015, so she could still be in the juvenile/adult transition.

      I’ll check the 2016 records again to see if there is any other close approximation to the blue ring.

      Hope to catch up in Keynsham soon.

  2. I have noticed a young peregrine falcon has frequented the parish church Keynsham over the last two weeks, it stays most of the day on the east and north upper ledge. I am not sure but it seems it may have a problem with it’s ring leg as it seems not to want to put it down, standing most of the time on one leg. I presume it may be one of the fledgling from St Johns Church Bath. I live next to the Keynsham church and have a good view daily to watch this magnificent bird. Bob

  3. In recent days I have clicked onto both Bath and Norwich links and have found a bird on the Bath nest platform twice but nothing on Norwich. I understand what has happened at Norwich which is a tragedy in some respects but do not understand why a bird keeps appearing at Bath. Can you explain?

    • There is a bird which keeps going to Norwich nest, it’s been on there this morning…i’m not sure but it must be the female GA bird?

    • Doreen – Historically, the Bath Juveniles continue to return to the safety of the nest box for a considerable time after fledging; this year is no exception. They appear comfortable moving between the two levels of the box (roof, and covered section / ledge) and use the box variously for resting, roosting interacting and eating; they have recently been seen bringing prey provided by the adults into the box to eat. Outside of the breeding season the adults, primarily the falcon, use the box to cache prey, eat and occasionally roost. The main reason we leave the system streaming throughout the year is to capture these visits of the adults, and occasionally other species, to the box.

    • Not correct. X2 died. X2 taken into care temporarily:
      “Once the remaining chicks (YY and 41) are fit and healthy, they will be released back in to the wild at a location here in Norfolk to allow for the male and females legacy from 2016 to live on.” Norwich comment.

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