Search for the Bath chick is over!

Parent bird and an empty nest!
Parent bird and an empty nest!

The search for HG and the waiting game for her return to St John’s is over. After she fledged, probably a bit early (candidate for the Springwatch semi-fledge tag?), at around 05:00 on Friday 13th June, members of the Bath and West Wilts Group of the Hawk and Owl Trust, ably supported by a cadre of local nest watchers, have been looking and listening for signs of her location. At around 14:00 yesterday (13 June) a peregrine was heard calling and both adults lifted in an apparent attempt to clear their airspace of gulls. The nest watch team was back in action this morning and the search for HG has a happy ending.

Local nest watcher Mark Hucker has reported to Mike Rogers that he has seen HG on a roost near to the church with the falcon on guard at a safe distance. When Mark found her today HG looked none the worse for her ordeal. More news and photographs will be posted here when we have it.

Hamish Smith
Bath Peregrine Project Coordinator
HOT Bath and West Wilts Group

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  1. Mike Rogers has had eyes on HG this morning and reports, “I could see HG through my scope, she looks good with only a bit of down on her head and body, I would be surprised if she wasn’t back on the church next week end.”

    • I just took a trip there, and although the chick can be heard calling mother, the man with the scope on the other bank hadn’t yet spotted her. Get your fluffy a**e back on that church! (I was talking to the chick, not you Hamish).

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