Peregrine Activity Log Monday 11th June

The Eyass’ proved increasingly active but gripped tight enough to the ledge to avoid catching any of the pleasant breeze.

9:30 As the anticipation for fledging builds  volunteers have started arriving earlier and earlier, Keith who has by this point already been present for an hour armed with a big camera reports the situation has been unchanged through all that time; the female is perched 6 crockets directly above the platform basked in glorious and welcome sunshine whilst her chicks hop up and down in the platform below her.

10:20 The first sighting of the Male today is of course of him attacking a gull, this one proves a match for him though as it turns the table when he pushes it to far, after the battle ends in somewhat of a draw he drifts away to the east.

11:05 The female flies east briefly before returning to the spire and taking up a more elevated perch only 3 down from the top.

11:18 Both adults are now spotted in the air to the east of the cathedral before disappearing beyond the river.

11:30 It’s once again GA who we rely on for views of an adult from the watch point, although she provides these only partially as she lands at the same elevation but further round to the east where a crocket obscures a good half of her.

13:28 The tiercel drifts around the close for a few minutes getting ever closer to the spire, eventually he settles just above the highest window offering a more complete view of an adult.

13:45 A buzzard lazily drifts high above the main entrance to the cathedral which sees the female come off and semi-stoop at to see off, she is gone for five minutes on escort duty before returning to land four down.

14:20 I come back from the afternoon tea run to shrieks of terror from a gull on the receiving end of an attack from the ill tempered male he drifts every which way loosely before gaining altitude and heading south east.

15:10 The male returns with a speedy pigeon which evidently wasn’t speedy enough, after flying a few laps with this being shouted at by all members of his family he takes it to the highest eastern window where he plucks it. The female meanwhile moves up two crockets from her previous perch but doesn’t get any food from him. The male must have intentions of eating or delivering the prey later though as having finished his plucking he leaves it where it was and moves to just below the southern highest window.

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