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What is it?

A mobile, interactive, educational, learning experience that will be used across Norfolk to bring people together to learn about and enjoy wild birds of prey including Peregrines and their habitats.

What will the funding be used for?

The funding will be used to purchase an educational trailer, fully equipped with a wheelchair ramp. The interior equipped with the latest technology will include a big screen, live streaming nest camera activity of nesting Peregrines and other birds of prey. An interactive display of fun educational resources will be available inside for people to use and engage with.

Who will benefit from this funding?

The educational trailer will benefit a wide array of people from children to adults being mobile it will help educate the local community of Norwich as well as the whole of Norfolk.

The trailer will be taken into urban areas connecting people that may not have the opportunity or inclination to visit the countryside with wildlife.

Norwich Tourists, Foreign Students, Residents- Adults and Children

The educational trailer will be based at Norwich Cathedral during the Peregrine breeding season (March-June). Providing a free educational, information centre open to all people. Bringing a diversity of people together through their curiosity and interest in the Norwich Peregrines. Offering the opportunity to view these spectacular wild birds in their urban habitat.

It will also provide a professional and comfortable area for volunteers to gain experience interacting with the public, forming a team connecting people with wildlife.

The Watch point has been running for the last six years reaching at least 150,000 people over 25,000 visitors per year. In 2017 the visitors included a diverse range of people, with 46 different nationalities represented. Educational classes were given to almost 100 school children from reception to year 8. Currently, an old marquee is used. However, it is very restrictive as it is a small static structure. It is often affected by adverse weather conditions, the size and the lack of interactive learning materials. A mobile trailer would enable us to attract more visitors and offer a more impressive, inviting and engaging experience.

School Visits

Although educational visits have been shown to help raise standards, improve behavior and aid personal development, far fewer pupils are able to go on school trips than previously. The one chance that children from disadvantaged backgrounds have to go to major museums and nature reserves is through schools and if there aren’t school trips they no longer get this chance. School trips are one of the most effective ways to get children learning; they become inspired.

The educational trailer is the perfect solution to fill this void. Bringing the field trip experience into schools. Empowering the children through an interactive learning experience. We would aim to cover a diversity of schools from state to private schools to cover a wide spectrum of children from different backgrounds.

Local Shows, Events and Family Days

Being mobile and versatile, the educational trailer could also be taken to charity events and local shows across the county and beyond. This would enable it to benefit a wider audience.

The educational trailer would be an excellent tool in bringing people together, to offer everybody, regardless of their religion, gender, abilities or background, a place to enjoy, interact and learn.

The education trailer would be ready and put into use by the 2018 season.

Vote for us to enable us bring the educational wildlife experience into communities.


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