Norwich Tuesday 19th June

If you don’t like football then I apologise for any links drawn  in todays log but I do only have one more write up left to do so you won’t have to bare any more.

9:30 Our day kicks off in a reasonably solid fashion with room for improvement, much like the boys last night. 80% of Norwich’s entire peregrine population are on show, a force far more formidable than three lions with GA captaining the squad whilst the tiercel and two of his offspring make the numbers up with better finishing than Sterling could ever hope for combined with more aggression than a Tunisian defender.

9:45 In another similarity to Harry GA is the reliable provider, she brings prey back from a visit to the south west and plucks it at the finials.

9:58 The pair of juveniles who had been on show until set up was complete decide now is the perfect time to showcase further similarities with the squad, they chase each other fruitlessly around the close before eventually disappearing from sight.

10:17 After the absence of young blood some decides to bring itself to the forefront, popping up in a good position on the south eastern turret.

10:25 This next passage of play would be far to complex to analogise so instead I, much like Jesse Lingard, will rely on the squad around me to help me look better than I am (thanks to Colin for writing up in the book). The female leaves the spire carrying prey. The two absent juveniles appear from the west calling for food. GA attempts to cajole juveniles into accepting her gift via means of a food pass. Eventually she chooses to deliver the prey to the third juvenile who is perched on the turret. Meanwhile the Male takes to the skies to lap the spire whilst one of the two flying juveniles joins its sibling who had accepted the delivery from its mother. This period of excitement finally culminates with the adults perched one on the east and one on the west of the spire whilst the third juvenile returns to the platform area.

11:07 More pointless sideways movement in the middle of the game, the male leaves the spire before landing three crockets down on the east side.

11:27 After another uneventful but ultimately steady twenty minutes the Male makes a short foray to the south east before returning to enter into the final third half way between the upper and central windows of the east side; another wasted opportunity with no end product.

11:43 The young player who had been sitting deep and loitering on the edge of his own box takes a short flight further up the field before returning like a prima-donna to be on the camera.

11:53 Having disappeared for the peregrine equivalent of orange slices one of the young wingers re-emerges from hiding behind the turret to rest up on a fleur-de-lis.

12:00 His teammate now occasionally pops up and gets his head in the game (appearing over the turret lip).

12:15 As we approach half time it doesn’t hurt to have a quick check in with the stalwarts of the squad; GA is perched two crockets down on the east side with the Male four positions below her in the rankings.

12:52 An exciting period, the old guard venture out together heading up the ground to the west. Meanwhile as the established players take the limelight the two young wingers fade out of the game unnoticed.

13:25 The Male is the first of the pair to drop out of the attack in favour of sitting deep, he settles deep within his own box for ten minutes before plucking up the will to spread the play out by heading wide to the south east.

14:15 After a long while out the two juveniles who had been out of the play return but again fail to offer much to us by landing round the back of the spire.

15:15 With the tempo dying down as the heat, humidity and insect numbers remain sapping the Male comes back to see the remainder out in safe fashion, he settles five crockets down on the right side of the highest southern window. Following the lead of the squads veteran player his attacking partner also returns from her endeavours to perch this time four positions below him.

16:00 The game winds down to a pleasing end with no injuries picked up but invaluable experience accrued for all of the freshest members of the team and a solid result ground out.