Live Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Web Cam 2014

Live Feed from Norwich Cathedral

Please Note: We Will be Conducting Some Routine Maintenance on The Camera Feed Over The Next Few Days So You May Lose Pictures – Really, Really Sorry! We’ll Get It Back Up ASAP – Promise. New cameras will be arriving sometime in December/January that will improve viewing in the long run.

We have put a 20 minute video compilation on the Home Page so Click Here to get your Urban Peregrine fix!

We have 3 feeds running from the Norwich Cathedral Spire Nest Box:

  1. Video Feed for Desktop PCs (Windows + Apple iMac) & Android Tablets and Smartphones
  2. Video Feed for Apple iPad & iPhone
  3. Still Images (refreshed every 60 secs) for slow bandwidth users

View the best feed below for your circumstances

Feed 1 – Desktops

Feed 2 – Apple iPads & iPhones

Feed 3 – Stills Images for Slow Broadband

icatcher_smlThis video is streamed live by iCatcher software, thanks to generous support from iCode Systems

Please Note | The video auto-refreshes after 180 seconds – to prevent excessive bandwidth usage.

Non Intervention Policy Statement
The Norwich Cathedral peregrines are wild birds and it is the Hawk and Owl Trust’s policy that we will not intervene with chicks or adults whilst they are on the platform. Wild peregrines lay an average of 4 eggs but on occasion not all of the chicks survive. Factors such as adverse weather, sickness, inexperienced parents and lack of food can all lead to one or more of the chicks failing to survive. The chicks will have leg rings put on by a ringer with a licence to visit the platform to ring the chicks before they fledge. Peregrines are protected from disturbance by law whilst nesting.

Partnership with Norwich Cathedral
In a partnership between the Hawk and Owl Trust and Norwich Cathedral, and with the help of volunteers from Norwich fire-fighters during their time off, the Hawk and Owl Trust installed the platform in February 2011 after a pair of peregrines was observed around the city.

donate_link_104There was close consultation with the Cathedral’s estates manager and architect to ensure the fabric of this historic building was not damaged.

If you have enjoyed watching the peregrines and would like to help us continue conservation work for birds of prey and their habitats please make a donation

To find out how the project got under way Click Here

For more information about the Cathedral Click Here



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