Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Wednesday 9/5/18

10:00 The day begins with the male brooding the clutch whilst the females whereabouts are unknown to us mere observers.

10:45 The tiercel surveys his territory for a few moments, he hops onto the ledge, clearly sees nothing of any interest and resumes his duty as parasol to the chicks.

11:05 For the first time today the female comes into view, she returns with a pigeon not of the wood variety but not entirely feral either which she plucks into an unrecognisable form and then proceeds to  at least partially devour.

11:50 After a stretched out meal for herself she takes flight carrying the carcass with her, we presumed this meant she would be aiming for the platform to feed her chicks, but no; after a ten minute excursion to the east she returns to the same spot. 

12:01 Her return is brief in the extreme, again carrying her prey she flies to the east with apparent real purpose.

12:08 The female finally does what we expected of her, she brings the food in to the platform and commences to feed the chicks having triggered the departure of the male who himself drifts away to the east.

12:23 The pair now changeover, the male has returned and himself briefly tries to feed the chicks who unsurprisingly have little appetite left; he gives this up in favour of semi-mantling the chicks to provide them with shade. As has become the trend for the afternoon the female heads over to the east before returning to the third crocket short of the summit on the east face.

14:04 The female departs the spire, and it is a joy to break up the monotony and inform you that this time she headed west and out over the city centre. 

14:14 The female appears in the platform and feeds the chick with food from an unknown source, which in turn causes the male to depart.

14:28 The female leaves the nest and heads east to make her presence known to a passing buzzard, with no real interaction though she returns and perches on the platform ledge for two minutes. Having watched her clutch she hops back in and tries to feed more scraps to the chicks like a scene from a foie gras farm before returning to brooding.

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