Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Wednesday 25/4/18

9:20 Excitement to start the day! The male stoops after a pigeon passing by, but misses so returns empty handed to the third crocket down whilst GA incubates the eggs.
9:30 The hunger sets in after his failed hunt, the male moves to the top of the spire where one of the two has cached the remains of a more successful attempt. Having got his breakfast he takes it back with him to his previous perch and enjoys a portion in comfort.
9:50 After finishing with the carcass he flies from the spire to drop the remains over a garden before returning to digest his meal.
10:33 Just as we are finishing with a customary wave of visitors the male disappears to a location unbeknownst to us.
11:30 The male makes his return to the same perch he vacated roughly an hour previously.
11:52 Hunger strikes again, the male takes another carcass from the eastern larder and consumes a portion after flying with it, GA takes this opportunity to stretch her wings before quickly returning to the platform. Perhaps not satisfied by the meal taken from the larder the male again stoops at but misses a passing feral pigeon.
12:25 The male takes flight to the east in search of sunnier climbs.
13:05 After another 40 minutes of spire watching the male does eventually return, again without prey but the purpose of the trip was of course unknown.
13:31 The female is finally relieved of duty by the tiercel and she goes to where he came from, the second crocket short of the summit, south eastern face.
14:00 The female takes an opportunity to utilise her powers of flight for a longer time, she heads eastward towards the river.

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