Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Wednesday 2/5/18

9:45 Zoe and the volunteers arrive in the drizzle to find the Male incubating and GA plucking prey on the highest northern window whilst I’m still enjoying the warmth of my car having stopped in to collect more leaflets from Sculthorpe.

9:56 GA enters the nest with prey triggering the male to depart, instead of taking her turn on the eggs herself though she also disappears taking her food with her. She carries her prey with her to the centre of the finials and loiters with out of view from every possible angle.

9:58 The male returns to the platform and resumes the incubation realising that in fact the female had no intentions of taking over from him in these conditions.

10:14 GA takes flight from her hidden location in favour of another one, this time the north east of the spire.

11:21 This time the male is relieved of duty and can find respite from the increasingly inclement weather somewhere more sheltered on the north of the spire.

11:30 By now having got cold and wet we consult the various forecasts and realise our fate is sealed for the day; we packed up and made a hasty retreat to the big screen in the castle rotunda to spread the word from there.