Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Wednesday 16/5/18

7:10. GA leaves nest to go north west only to return empty taloned at 7:15. Male leaves the nestbox and flies off fast the same way. They both come back to the spire. The Male, after checking the chicks, sits on the platform keeping watch. After several slow circuits around the spire GA lands 2nd crochet down in clear view of the HOT Watchpoint where hopefully she will be in clear sight for most of the day. Cheers to Harmer for the early morning edition!

9:10 GA does several slow laps of the spire before drifting away over Tombland. Brooding switches upon her return, the male heads out to the south west with purpose.

10:00 The male returns from the direction he left in struggling against the blustery conditions, he eventually fights his way back to the second crocket down of the south face.

10:15 The male takes flight but soon disappears behind the spire, 10 minutes later though he flies back in with a blackbird sized kill. Upon his arrival with the prize GA vacates the box to meet him in the sky and the pair perform a food pass. She struggles up to the finials whilst he chases a gull away to the east before entering the platform, it’s not long though before GA joins him here and begins feeding the chicks which means he returns to his favoured crocket for the day, the second down of the south side.

12:10 A short absence of the male, but he soon returns to the same perch.

12:15 The male dives off the spire and twice strikes a gull, having ruined its early afternoon he returns to the spire.

13:00 The male takes off from the spire again with the intentions of chasing a gull before choosing the same crocket again.

13:40 The male visits the nest again but as the female remains steadfast he soon departs to the west.

13:45 The female uses food which has been stored underneath her to feed the chicks who have been stored in the same place.

13:47 The male reappears but lower now, the fourth crocket down of the same sheltered face.

13:55 The male enters the platform and feeds himself, after ten minutes he has invoked no reaction from chicks or female so takes the remains to the highest east larder.

14:35 The male disappears without us seeing in which direction.

15:50 Typically just as we’re about to finish and start wheeling the trolleys round the corner both birds are suddenly in the air together.

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