Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 12/4/18

The morning is a challenging one due to the thickness of the fog. The huge cockerel weather vane can’t be seen from the watch point so to spot a peregrine is nigh on impossible.
10:00 Through the blur of mist and fog the male can be seen incubating his three eggs. The whereabouts of GA are unknown due to the gloom.
10:53 The female ghosts through the mist and enters the platform, a changeover occurs and it is now the turn of the male to be lost to us.
11:45 The poor weather conditions provide us with a rare ‘summer’ treat. After a brief flight the male settles far lower than usual, in the middle roundel (window near the top of the bell-tower). This is a more usual resting place in the deep midwinter, but the first time I have witnessed it from the watch point.
12:15 The male moves again but doesn’t gain much altitude, he now settles on top of the west window level with the platform.
12:30 Once more the male seeks more shelter, again he finds refuge in a south facing roundel.
12:45 He now takes flight to the west but only shortly, settling now on the seventh crocket down of the south west face.
13:00 A Sparrowhawk passes through on an east to west flight line unbothered by the larger residents.
13:27 The male provides us with the action again; this time he glides off and then back onto the spire, resting 1 crocket above the platform window, western face, or as Julia diligently informs me, 13 crockets down.
13:30 The Sparrowhawk mirrors it’s activity of half an hour prior almost exactly.
13:46 The male flies once more and returns very quickly with a kill of some avian variety. He disappears out of sight and feathers can be seen drifting from the west window.
14:20 The tiercel delivers food to the box which the female then takes to the finials as he incubates.
14:55 Having finished her late lunch the female now moves to the third crocket down.