Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Tuesday 24/4/18

9:15 The day begins in reverse order to yesterday, the Male incubating, and the female perched higher up the spire, 3 crockets short of the top.
9:35 A perfect changeover, the birds switch locations exactly.
10:02 Typically, as we open officially the male flies round the back of the spire and lands on the western face, hidden from the watch point.
10:13 The male circles the spire for a few tight laps before elongating his elliptic route, eventually he drifts out to the west above the ridge of the cathedral whilst losing altitude.
10:20 Having surveyed Tombland at low altitude the male lands two crockets down on the most true eastern face providing no more than a partial view.
11:53 The male disrupts the peace by mobbing and actually striking a gull. Having truly distempered the gull and ruined it’s late morning the male peregrine returns to the same perch.

The rest of the days proceedings I unfortunately failed to record due to my lunch arriving coinciding with the rain beginning and us packing up an hour early, so apologies for that.

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