Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 7th June

9:45 Whilst I’m still sat in the dentists chair the dedicated team of volunteers and Zoe find the male perched two crockets down on the south west face, but he soon hops round the back and out of sight to be as hidden as his partner.

10:05 From his hidden location the Male takes off and circles the close before drifting away to the north west.

10:15 The male returns from his short trip and perches at his usual perch.

10:28 The first fracas of the day is between the male and a gull which strayed too close, he mobbed it repeatedly causing it to vacate the area and then landed. However within two minutes he’s back in the sky mobbing what most surely be either a different gull or the previous one which he had given amnesia. The noise of the confrontation attracts the female back to base for her first sighting of the day, she lands just above the highest window; meanwhile the male having seen of this latest nuisance heads away to the north west.

10:41 As we will go on to see many times through the day the first of the increasingly adventurous chicks hops up onto the ledge.

10:45 The male returns from his adventure with prey in tow, he takes this initially to the plucking window but as GA follows him here he moves on with the prey to the third crocket down on the south side and first plucks before feeding himself; realising she’s not getting a free meal this time she moves to one crocket above the box briefly before herself heading out to the east.

10:55 Teasing the chicks below him the Male flies close to the platform with the slender remains still with him, when he eventually lands its two crockets down from the highest window.

11:23 The female appears in a flash, she appears to overshoot the spire but of course she knows what she’s doing, she carries on her course and disappears southward.

11:43 The Male is in an unrelenting intolerable mood, this time it’s a buzzard who is three times on the end of his wrath before fleeing far enough away to be safe.

12:05 The male makes a return to the vicinity but for good measure pursues a gull away from the territory.

12:14 The female proves her point having got no food out of her partner earlier, she returns with significantly larger prey than he had, a pale grey pigeon which an indicator on its leg suggests might recently have been a fast moving prey item. She plucks it at her dinner table just below the weather vane, the Male is in the air again at the same time but he eventually fades out to the east.

12:40 Having got the pigeon into what would in a supermarket be described as an oven ready state, GA now enters the box and initially feeds the chicks but as they lose interest she takes her fill in situ.

12:50 Yet another gull now falls foul of the males temper.

13:10 With none of the chicks any longer showing any interest in the food GA whips it away from them taking it back to her table and continues to gorge herself.

13:15 GA now flies to the west and joins the Male in the sky here.

13:16 Despite Having refused to share his food with her earlier the Male goes to the finials and has a share of the pigeon she had caught, meanwhile the female perches just below him on a crocket.

13:35 Having takes his share the tiercel now flies for a while before landing under the southern window.

13:45 The male dives away suddenly to the west before returning to his perch.

13:55 GA flies and is of course incredibly vocal about it, shortly after she settles again.

14:25 Again the Male dives away from the spire to the north before returning shortly afterwards.

14:27 In the interest of hygiene a juvenile turns and fertilises the Deans garden after having hopped up onto the ledge.

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