Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 3/5/18

10:00 After set up is complete and consultation of the live stream we find a fidgeting male on the eggs, and the female sat on the west of the spire level with the box, but only visible to our detachment of volunteers in the cloisters.
10:20 The female leaves the spire in pursuit of some of the more rambunctious and amorous pigeons, she disturbs them but not with any degree of finality, five minutes later she lands atop the finials and has her breakfast from some remnants stored in the larder there.
10:35 GA chases an intruding male peregrine out of the territory to the north east, before returning to resume feeding a couple of minutes later, irritatingly from our point of view she hops round the far side of the finials taking the carcass with her.
10:41 With her out of sight it’s hard to rule it out for definite, but a peregrine was flying to the north west which we don’t believe was one of our resident pair.
10:46 For a few brief moments GA appears to us once again two crockets above the platform before hopping further round to the east and out of view.
11:17 The female triggers a changeover and the male flies to the south before landing on the spire to take his break.
11:37 The male takes flight and drifts around the spire before putting minimal effort into stooping on a passing corvid, despite being unscathed by the encounter it hurriedly continues on out of the spire.
12:15 Having left the spire again the male mobs a buzzard simultaneously with a gull out over the close and towards the river. Having finished his antics he continues to drift further out and eventually fades from view.
13:11 The male returns to the same crocket he vacated an hour before and again shows us his back.
14:03 The male makes a very brief flight before landing out of view on the northern face.
14:05 Coming out from hiding again the male enters the box with the skinned breasts of what possibly was once a dove. He fails to get a reaction via his baiting from his partner so flies the platform and circles the close for a few laps before landing two crockets down and feeding himself.
14:36 The male visits the nest again, he goes to the far corner and GA again remains unmoved so he makes a hasty retreat, returning to the same crocket he had been perched on.
14:55 Between directing visitors to look through the scopes the male sneaks off to an unknown location.
15:48 The female finally allows the male to take over the incubation just as we are beginning to think about packing up.