Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 29th March

9:30 The day starts in a welcome glow of glorious sunshine with GA sitting on top of the spire adding further decoration to the golden finials. The Tiercel can be seen only by means of the webcam as he shelters his clutch of now three eggs.

10:20 The male leaves the nest box in favour of perching 1 crocket short of the summit on the north east face.

10:32 Spring really must be in the air, the old boy rises from his slumber and the pair mate on the finials where GA is residing. This is followed by a few celebratory laps of the spire by the male who settles on a crocket again.

10:40 A lone buzzard is chased out of the territory by the invigorated male for drifting too close on the thermals.

10:45 The female leaves the finials in favour of guarding her ever increasing clutch.

11:10 A wake of four Buzzards soar high above the spire. The tiercel takes an initial interest in these but wether he knows he’s met his match or if he simply doesn’t deem them a threat, for whatever reason he instead chooses to drift off to the south west in leisurely fashion.

11:15 The female hops up onto the platform ledge to survey the hustle and bustle.

11:26 Ten minutes later she chooses to return to her position on the eggs.

12:04 GA departs the box and heads off on a southerly course.

12:25 GA displaces the male from the northern face of the spire where he had been perching unbeknownst to us, he now enters the nest box.

12:45 The pair both head off to the south east.

13:00 The female returns from her trip bearing no prey with her, she settles 2 crockets down.

13:10 Choosing to hide from view once again GA enters the platform.

13:50 After an hours excursion the male also returns to the spire and lands on the finials.

13:56 Having had a brief respite the Male again heads south west and stoops out of sight behind the close houses.

14:05 GA takes to the air and shortly after 3 adult Peregrines are seen in the sky directly above our watchpoint. A stunning spectacle but no contact appears to be made.

14:12 The tiercel is the first to return from the fray, he enters the nest.

14:33 The male having become restless and hopped up and down from the platform ledge 10 minutes prior, now takes flight to the south west.

14:46 Seemingly our of nowhere both birds simultaneously appear in the sky with their screeches echoing out into the close, the Male now returns to the nest box and the female perched low on the northern face out of sight.

16:00 With technical difficulties besetting our tablet for streaming from the box, there are no changes in the state of play that we were aware of between the last activity and the end of the day.

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