Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 19/4/18

10:00 After arriving fresh, revitalised and full of enthusiasm brought on by this sudden upturn in the weather conditions I find the male to be incubating the eggs whilst the female hides in the shade on the far side of the spire.
10:49 A low passing, and it’s important to note that it was only passing, buzzard is ruthlessly chased off by GA. As the buzzard got nearer to our watch point its flight became increasingly frantic as it attempted to distance itself from the spire, however GA closed the gap rapidly yet in effortless manner, all the while screeching horrendously; the chase culminated in a double barrel roll by the buzzard and a satisfied GA returning to her perch.
12:00 An intruder flew through of unknown gender, it passed by without reaction from the residents in the midday heat.
13:40 A repeat of a the previous activity, again with a lack of response.
14:10 GA harassed a passing Gull before returning to low on the shaded north east face.
14:30 a female intruder is chased off to the south west by the resident of her gender counterpart, after returning the male gets his break and the pair switch roles.
14:52 The male who had departed after getting his leave returns briefly, before then disappearing once more to the south west.

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