Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 17/5/18

9:55 The day gets off to an uneventful start with the rapidly developing chicks all looking healthy in the near corner of the platform and the tiercel sat where he was yesterday, 2 crockets down on the south face. There is no sign of the female but Julia believes it was her who was feeding the chicks when she glanced at the camera around half seven.

10:07 The first flight of the day, as we’re setting up and have taken our eyes off him the Male vacates.

10:35 The male isn’t gone an unbearably long time, he returns and there’s no prizes for guessing which crocket he chose as his perch.

10:53 A female flies laps of the spire in a vocal manner which would suggest it being GA considering the lack of reaction from the male, two minutes later the male joins her in the sky and the pair forcefully escort a buzzard from the territory. The female carries on after the mission is completed whilst the male returns to the spire.

11:05 In the absence of the resident female an intruder arrives, she makes a beeline for the platform and enters it for 4 or 5 seconds, as soon as she turns round and notices the chicks though she looks very startled and vacates the platform in a hasty manner. The male is soon off to the defence though once realising the situation; just off camera, but within a second of her leaving the platform the male strikes her after stooping from his perch. For the next forty to forty five minutes the pair engage in a series of intense aerial dog fights, these are all instigated by the male every time he deems her to have strayed too close, which was often justified, for example when the female sought refuge by sheltering on the bell tower the male continued to harass her.

11:47 GA eventually arrives back to her proven loyal tiercel who is still engaged in a fracas to the south of the spire with the intruder. She initially appears oblivious to the situation, carrying the prey she has caught with her to the finials, she is actually soon joined here by the male despite him being tailed by the persistent intruder. The intruder hangs around the spire, getting no further away than the lower end of the Tombland area, eventually the residents have had enough, the pair move to intercept and it is GA who now takes over as the first bird to return is the Male at 11:55 who perches at his crocket.

12:25 The next time we directed a visitor to the telescope they correctly retort that there’s nothing to be seen, the male has snuck away again.

12:30 GA returns to the golden finials and resumes the plucking of the prey she had earlier brought back.

12:32 Now the male completes the picture, he sits two crockets below her and normality is resumed.

12:52 For the first time during our day a parent joins the chicks inside the platform, it’s GA who feeds the waddling downy lumps, four minutes later whilst she continues with this the male moves up to the finials and begins to pluck something himself.

13:10 The male exercises his wings, not that he needs it after a strenuous morning, he moves lower down the spire to two below the top window. Roughly five minutes later, having finished feeding, the female moves to the males favoured perch in his absence.

13:44 After a few minor changes of perch the male moves down the spire and perches on top of the camera which looks down into the box.

14:32 The female now becomes absent from the spire, this must of been at real pace as none of the team noticed it.

15:05 Fifteen minutes after leaving his camera perch the Male returns to his perch higher up the spire.

15:22 Having only perched up high for ten minutes the male enters the box and feeds for a few minutes, he soon leaves though and the pair meet in the air to the west of the spire where they perform a food pass.

15:35 The male returns to a higher perch whilst the female now enters the box and feeds the chicks until 15:50.

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