Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Thursday 10/5/18

10:00 The prevailing wind is a strong one today, but in our favour. As a result the male is perched one crocket below the highest window of the south face, whilst the female is almost directly below him some distance brooding the chicks.

10:25 The tiercel takes flight for the first time today in a far from purposeful manner; initially he drifts about seeming to look into the platform but gradually fades further into the eastern distance.

11:00 The male returns bringing nothing back with him, he perches at the second crocket down on the south face.

11:20 GA stretches her wings briefly, leaving the platform for all of 30 seconds; it’s with a purpose though as she brings back fresh ready plucked food from a larder. The male wakes from his slumber and joins her in the platform, initially he watches her do the feeding but after a while she takes over the supervisor role as the male feeds the brood. After the feeding is finished he takes the prey back to the shaded far side of the spire before cruising off to the west after dropping it off.

11:33 Having not been gone long at all he returns back to the same crocket he could be found on earlier.

11:45 The male leaves this time to survey the progress of the many traffic works I will encounter on my way home, he is absent for half an hour but on his return takes over the brooding whilst the female sits on a crocket not far above the box.

12:25 The male is deemed to be doing a satisfactory job as guardian so the female leaves him to it and heads off to the south west.

13:22 The male leaves the box for a short time before returning. 5 minutes later he makes another trip although this time to the larder where he collects food to feed the chicks from.

14:15 GA now makes a return bringing prey back with her to the finials which she proceeds to pluck.

14:30 The pair changeover for the second time during our watch, GA brings the prepped food in and the male leaves.

14:45 The next time we spot him he is perched 2 crockets down again enjoy the afternoon sun.

14:52 He doesn’t stay put long, yet another trip to the east ensues.

15:28 The shades moved round and across the box now, the female sees this as acceptable conditions for the chicks and leaves them to huddle together unattended in the platform. Simultaneously the male arrives back to the crocket below the top window where he started the day.

15:33 The male drops down into the platform and feeds the chicks from prey left in there, five to six minutes later he cleans the box by taking the food with him.

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