Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Sunday 8/4/18

9:30 Much to my relief after two days of having the birds shelter on the north face of the spire, today the male is visible high on the southern side upon our arrival. The female can be found incubating her three remaining eggs.
10:05 During the bustle of our set up the male disappears and catches a collared dove, the first we know of this is spotting him three crockets short of the top as pale grey feathers drift from the spire against a darker grey sky background.
10:30 The male finishes plucking and consumes a portion of his own for a Peregrines version of brunch.
10:37 The immensely still morning is broken in ear splittingly shrill fashion by GA shrieking from the platform; one benefit of this disturbance to the peace is it acts as a heads up warning to us that some action is about to commence, and shortly after it does. She leaves the platform and hangs on the still yet thick morning air, she is almost immediately joined in the sky by the male who is carrying the remains of his freshly caught dove, the pair pass behind the spire and emerge again on the south western side at a considerable speed, as they gain height once more the most seamless food pass of the year happens above the refectory, both birds continue their flight unfaltering and the male immediately enters the platform whilst the female calls all the way to the finials and devours her meal.
11:38 GA flies initially to the west but soon returns to the spire, she settles level with the nest box on the south western window.
13:15 A changeover sees the female come onto the eggs and the male now resting after his stint 3 crockets from the summit.
14:50 He moves to just below platform height on the south western face.
15:03 The Tiercel chooses to regain some altitude and settles 6 crockets down.
15:43 Another changeover sees the pair swap location, she lands on top of the highest window on the southern face.