Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Sunday 15/4/18

9:30 Initial state of play for the day: Female on the eggs, Male low down on the north west face.
10:00 The male departs in a manner that suggests hunting, but despite his apparent intent returns 5 minutes later to the low north west turret empty handed.
10:22 The male actually sneaks from his low resting site into the platform without catching our attention, the first we know of the changeover is the behemoth GA blocking out what little sunshine was passing through the mist as she floats round the close. She eventually lands almost level with the platform, at the top of the north western window.
11:05 A Sparrowhawk passes through at altitude with its characteristic long tailed silhouette in full view of our peregrines, this triggers no reaction from them.
11:21 The falcon takes flight and heads out to the north, but then returns and is almost completely hidden from view.
12:05 Above Mousehold Heath a Goshawk soars high in the sky for an elongated period of time, after much deliberation and viewing we are ever more confident of its identity.
13:54 We get our first action in what seems an eternity, GA flies and then swaps with the male. He glides for a while before settling high on the north face out of sight.
14:47 The male flies to the east.
15:06 The Male now returns to the second crocket down, again on the northern face.

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