Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Sunday 13/5/18

9:20 Through the disappointingly chilly and abject grey sky of the cathedral close this morning the male can be seen 4 crockets down on the eastern face.

10:00 The male having recently shifted crockets moves away from the close with a purpose which looks to be hunger driven.

10:07 The tiercel appears from the south west carrying a blackbird below him, all the while he is being pestered by a lesser black backed gull, he successfully dodges this which allows him to eventually pluck his prey in relative peace as GA screams at him all the while.

10:15 GA’s persistent screeching ensures the males arrival with his small kill as soon as he has finished preparing it, she continues to brood them with her back to the camera as the male feeds the beaks popping out from under her breast.

10:25 The male takes a short flight in the same direction as his last successful trip, although soon returns and settles seven crockets down on the southern face.

10:55 The male rapidly accelerates away to the west but again isn’t gone long, this time he perches on the west face at the same elevation he had not long left from.

11:10 A trend is seemingly developing, the male takes a short flight. Pleasingly though it’s in a different direction, after his trip to the north west out over the Bishops garden where we will be later, he perches two crockets down.

11:30 An intruder passes through the close checking the potential location out, this has to be done from a distance though as GA is alert to the presence, she hops onto the platform ledge; this acts as a deterrent and the intruder carries on their course.

11:35 Very unusually, but all the more spectacular for it, GA stoops straight from her perch and comes within millimetres of catching a pigeon passing perilously close to the south west turret of the bell tower. The male enters the platform whilst the female retrieves the remnants of a pigeon sized carcass from the turret larder, although as soon as she returns with it he departs taking the blackbird remains with him to the north face.

11:45 GA leaves the box with the food remains, she drifts low round the spire where she is mobbed by a gull which the male sees off being the heroic bird he is, the female eventually settles 3 crockets below the platform.

12:10 The male who had previously returned into the platform now hops up on to the ledge and preens himself; this means both parents can be seen through the same telescope at the same time from the watch point.

12:20 The perfect picture doesn’t last long, the female flies two low laps of the spire before settling at the highest north west larder.

12:30 With a scrap of food still GA leaves the larder, after circling out to the south east she perched on the edge of the platform where she proceeded to deafen the male with her incessant screeching; wisely he preserves his ears by flying up to the highest window of the south face.

12:35 GA leaves the box in favour of a nearby crocket so the male now takes over the brooding, this doesn’t last long though as five minutes later the pair switch again.

I spent the remainder of the day in the Bishops Garden from where we continued to see many comings and goings but without WiFi connectivity to view the full proceedings in the platform. The action did tail off as the weather warmed, but we were still thrilled to witness the male stoop from the spire and attack a gull above the watch point just before three.

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