Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Saturday 5/5/18

The day we saw the third chick!
Apologies for the brief write up, a very busy day in terms of visitor numbers. Thanks to Chris for this mornings write up.

06.00 GA on platform. no sign of male

06.30 male returns from the West and lands 3 crockets from the top

06.40 male lazily drops off the spire and heads for a passing Jay, the Jay takes cover in a nearby tree. The male lands on the North face of the spire

07.00 the male takes flight with no real urgency and heads South East, after being gone 20 minutes he returns from the West

07.20 having just landed at his favoured crocket he then takes flight, closing his wings to gain speed. The raucous call of gulls ring out as he sees off a pair that drift a little to close to the spire

07.40 the male appears from the North side of the spire with some cached food. GA for once doesn’t accept the food so the male departs with the kill still in his talons

08.10 the male again chases a gull who gets a little too close for his liking

08.45 the male enters the box, GA does not want to shift her considerable weight from her precious chicks so he departs and returns to the North side of the spire

9.30 Jack turns up so I leg it!

9:30 Ga on nest
10:06 Male on north east face 3 below middle window
10:15 Male flies around the bell tower before heading east.
10:40 GA sitting on the edge, at this point we can confirm 3 chicks.
10:41 Male flying.
10:45 Male on box, changeover of duty.
10:46 Female circles low, flies east.
11:05 Female returns, circles several times and attacks a lesser black backed gull above the watchpoint and further out to the south before heading west.
11:28 GA plucks a feral pigeon and then has a portion herself at the top of the spire.
12:45 GA feeds the chicks whilst the male flies away.
12:49 Male chases gulls and then flies south west. Female flies to the larder with the remnants of the feed and drops it off before returning to the clean box.
12:55 Male flies in, lands at rear of spire.
13:01 Male flies south west.
13:04 He returns and swaps with the female.
13:26 Male on the 4th crocket down under the cockerels tail.
14:00 Male flies south east.
14:50 Male swaps with the female in the nest.

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