Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Saturday 21/4/18

9:30 A’s we arrive and begin to set up the male is providing a fantastic view by perching just above the platform where the female is incubating.
10:00 True to the form of the week, as soon as we have set all the scopes up and opened up for the day the male disappears out over the city.
10:29 The male returns and lands 3 crockets below the north western plucking window.
11:05 The male departs the spire feeling the need to attack a passing lesser black backed gull, having tormented it enough he returns to his perch.
11:19 He now departs westward for a 15 minute jolly over tombland.
11:27 Having checked the sights of the city out the male perched at the third crocket down, of the south eastern face.
11:39 The male now decides to hop round out of sight.
11:55 The day gets it first changeover with the male relieving the female who disappears to the rear of the spire.
12:35 The female flies to the north, unbeknownst to us for a good long while which makes it a very long and uneventful afternoon.
15:12 As the female finally returns the male leaves the nest and searches out the shade of the northern face.
15:17 Having left the eggs uncovered since her return the female now returns to the platform and takes over the incubation again.

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