Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Saturday 14/4/18

10:00 As was the case yesterday morning, the male is incubating the clutch whilst the female can be found 5 crockets higher than the platform.
11:40 The male gets restless and flies the nest, heading on a western course. Two minutes later the female makes her way down the spire and enters the platform to take over the duties.
12:20 Our attention is drawn skyward by the male passing back through the area, whilst watching him soar at great altitude we spot 3 buzzards and a red kite, all bar one of which are grouped together, with the pair of buzzards mildly harassing the kite.
13:00 The male returns to the spire and sits on the eastern face, providing half a view of him high up.
13:25 The tiercel takes flight and disappears to the west again.
13:40 He returns once more and again lands on the second crocket down on the more eastern half of the south east face and we are again limited to a partial view.
13:45 The male now leaves his perch and enters almost immediately into a stoop, he disappears below the roofline of the cathedral and quickly reappears with prey which he takes behind the spire. From the size of it in comparison to him, and where he took it from, I would speculate it was most likely a collared dove.
14:15 Once more the male returns to his partial view location.
14:55 The male takes flight once more, and the next we see of him he is joined in the air by another peregrine a few minutes later. He resettles on the spire near the top and now the female departs the box after having perched on the platform ledge, she discourages the intruder before eventually disappearing. The Male now comes lower down the spire and takes over the incubation.