Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Saturday 12/5/18

06.30 GA on platform with the male North West of the spire low down.

06.50 male chases gull away and returns to same spot

07.15 male lazily drops off to scare a passing pigeon and lands higher up the spire nearer the platform

07.35 Male takes flight at speed South East and returns within seconds with a collared dove. A food pass is made over the school playing fields out of view of the amassed photographers. GA takes the kill to the very top of the Cathedral and begins the process of plucking the carcass

07.45 the male departs the platform at speed heading East, a few minutes later GA lands on the platform and continues to pluck the dove in view of her chicks

08.00 GA takes flight with the prey and lands pleasingly low on the Eastern face of the spire

09.30 GA still in the same spot as Jack turns up to take over.


9:30 Our weekend gets off to a mixed start, the male is brooding three chicks that don’t appear to all be able to fit under him already, whilst the female irritatingly is perched low down but on the far side of the spire. 

9:55 The female disappears to the south, the next we see of her she has appeared quarter of an hour later and is feeding atop the finials, Chris who was paying attention more diligently informs me she didn’t bring it back with her, so logic dictates she was feeding from a cached carcass.

10:40 I caught a glimpse of the recently departed female whipping low behind the spire, she settles on the northern face well below the platform height.

11:10 The male left the nest, circled the area for a short while and eventually drifted off to the west.

11:17 The female, who we have no idea when she left or in which direction due to her choosing to sit hidden from us today, brings a feral pigeon with her which she proceeds to voraciously pluck. For those readers who are on the Facebook forum (Norwich Peregrines) we did attempt a very amateur live stream of this which should be saved there.

11:24 The male makes a return to the platform bringing nothing back with him, but likely in the knowledge that his partner is preparing a meal for the chicks at that very moment.

11:47 Eventually The female is satisfied with her meal prep, she drops into the platform after a few minutes flight and feeds her clutch.

11:54 The male now takes his leave and departs to the east having brooded through the morning.

12:10 The female hops onto the edge of the box before flying east, she takes some remains with her in an effort to maintain the relative cleanliness of the platform.

12:12 The male returns to the nest after the females departure and consumes some left overs before attempting to feed any chicks who are still interested. Having not got much of a reaction from them he departs for a few minutes but by 12:22 he is back on the platform ledge and watching over his brood.

12:24 The female who has been flying round returns to the spire where she chooses to settle 4 crockets down on the south eastern face.

13:00 The male has a five minute absence from his overwatch position before returning.

In terms of activity very little else happened this afternoon, when the warm rain started up around 15:00 the female moved in to brood after the male departed some time earlier, but that’s about it and in truth the mild activity got lost in the bustle of a busy afternoon!

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