Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Monday 4th June

9:45 Female sitting to left of box.

9:53 Male returns to spire, sits on top of central left hand window. 

10:02 Male flies to intercept a gull before flying east.

10:05 Male sitting two down south side.

10:10 Male flies to intercept a gull again before returning 4 crockets down on the south side.

10:58 Male flies west at speed.

11:10 Male returns, flies around then heads east female flies off unseen whilst we gaze at him.

11:20 Female returns and lands 4 crockets above the platform to keep an eagle eye on her ever more adventurous chicks.

11:30 Male returns and lands on the west face almost level with the platform.

11:45 The male heads back out after his fifteen minutes rest.

11:55 Male returns, flies about for a bit and then decides to harass another gull.

12:10 Male returns, lands north side of the spire.

12:45 Male leaves spire to attack yet another gull.

13:10 Female flies off and collects food from the Male which he had collected from a larder moments earlier, the pair exchange the remains via means of a food pass.

13:25 Male lands two crockets down.

13:40 The female enters the platform and feeds the trio.

13:45 It’s not a long feed though, Both birds head west for some unknown reason before returning to the spire, the Male at the eastern plucking window producing a drift of feathers which the swifts are collecting as they float away, and the female just below him and further round the spire to the south.

14:40 The male hops round without his food and perches in his usual spot.

15:20 Female flies out to the north.

15:41 Both birds circle the close together before landing again having undertaken no strenuous activity, the female on top of the webcam and the male below the top southern window.