Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Monday 23/4/18

If I normally started these activity logs with a brief summary, todays would simply read: Not a lot. Having said that please continue and allow me to thrill you with today’s recital of the peregrines comings and goings despite their best efforts to make it a challenge!
9:30 We begin our hectic day with GA continuing her incubation night shift well into the morning. The Male is found in one of his usual haunts, two crockets below the finials on the south east face.
9:50 The male rises from his mid morning slumber, stoops directly from the spire onto a pigeon flying above the Deans back garden but misses and in one continual motion returns to his position.
10:34 The female is relieved of duty by the male in a swift no nonsense changeover, she stays within four feet of her clutch though, perching on the pinnacle of the nest platform window.
12:38 Having provided all of our visitors, including 75 Chinese school children with a lovely view for the most part of the morning, the female decides to deny us of this pleasure; she moves round to the eastern plucking window so we follow her round with one of our telescopes and find her preening further.
15:20 As we begin to think about the end of the day it all starts to happen, Zoe and Duncan return from round the corner and inform us the female has just flown away to the north east, when we plug the battery pack into our tablet we find that the male has also disappeared unbeknownst to us as the webcam shows us three uncovered eggs.
15:36 The male returns at pace and goes straight into the platform to resume the incubation.

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  1. I do look forward to your comments, thank you for taking the time to keep us all up to date. How soon are we likely to see some youngsters?

  2. Thank you for letting us observe the female through one of your telescopes today. It was exciting for us, even if it was a fairly routine day for you! Good luck with the incubation.

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