Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Monday 16/4/18

9:30 Our day starts with the female incubating, whilst the male is resting high on the east face, visible from the lock up but not from the watchpoint.
10:00 GA flies from the platform to the east for a reason unbeknownst to us mere observers, this leaves the eggs uncovered but at least basked in the morning sunshine.
Circa 10:15 The female returns and resumes incubation.
12:00 The male moves slightly further round to the south and is now partially visible.
12:10 A changeover sees the male take over incubation and the female take over his previous perch providing again only a limited view.
12:30 The female now flies to the east, but shortly after returns to the very same crocket.
13:15 The female once more takes to the sky, again disappearing to the east although on this occasion for an altogether more elongated period, returning three quarters of an hour later.
15:23 The male takes to the sky from the platform and eventually disappears from view. Three minutes later the female comes from the top of the spire and carefully moves into position to keep her clutch warm.
15:29 The next we know of the males whereabouts is the raucous and not altogether pleasant noise of Lesser Black Backed Gulls finding displeasure in his presence. This is somewhat unfair though as it is they who have drifted into his territory rather than the other way round, they resettle and the male continues to patrol the skies above the close for quite some time before eventually settling 2 down on the south eastern face in full view.

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