Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Good Friday, 30th March:

Thanks to Chris Skipper for the the early bird section of todays report.

7.10 male takes halk plucked pigeon to GA who breakfasts on the edge of the platform

8.00 a sparrowhawk drifts past the spire

8.30 the tiercel returns with a blackbird and caches it in the plucking window

9:30 We arrive at the start of the day to find the male perched out of view from the watchpoint, he’s taking shelter 6 crockets from the summit on the north west face.

10:55 There’s a changing of the guard, the male comes into the nest box and GA obligingly chooses to perch half way up the spire in full view.

14:01 After three particularly lethargic hours of inactivity GA moves location to the second crocket down on the south west face, almost immediately she moves again to the rear of the spire where feathers can be seen drifting down from.

14:30 The female now moves to the box which triggers the male to leave, instead of moving onto the eggs herself she remains perched on the ledge.

14:38 Possibly insulted by GA’s lack of care after the tiercels diligent stint he now returns to the box. The Falcon climbs higher and eventually settles atop the golden decoration.

16:00 The rain sets in just as we are due to pack up, but the Peregrines remain unmoved.

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