Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Friday 20/4/18

7:38 Incubation changeover, the male takes over from the female who heads to the golden finials (thanks to photographer Tony).
9:30 The situation remains unchanged upon our more timely arrival.
10:00 For the first time for either Zoe or I we witness a hunt directly from the watch point. GA leaves the spire and catches a jay which after flying round with for a while she takes to the top of the spire. What she does next makes us think it was a chance catch, and possibly predation prevention instead of hunting for the sake of hunger; she caches the food at the top of the spire and then moves lower down into a more shaded resting spot.
10:27 A hunting Sparrowhawk zips through the close hunting close to the spire in an extremely agile, stoop like manner. Again there is no reaction from the peregrines to the Sparrowhawk.
10:40 Another Jay faces the wrath of GA, although this time only partially; the vocal corvid is chased from the area while she deems the altercation successful and returns to her perch.
11:05 A changeover, the male drifts further out towards the edge of his territory.
11:12 Having stretched his wings the male makes for the finials where he finds GA’s recently caught Jay. He proceeds to pluck this before consuming a portion of the nutty meat.
11:30 The male flies to the east briefly before returning to the spire.
11:45 Fancying a change of direction from his last excursion, as well as an altogether longer one, he now heads due west.
12:15 After a half hour trip the tiercel returns and preens himself two crockets short of the summit.
12:25 Choosing to be more shaded, but also more awkward to us, the male hops round further and out of view.
12:45 He now heads out to the north over the bishops garden.
13:45 Having now been absent for an hour the male returns and perches 2 crockets down again.
13:54 He disappears yet again to the north.
15:15 The male returns with prey and goes to the southern plucking window, the female hops onto the ledge in response and is extremely vocal, but the male ignores her and plucks his prey. Eventually she returns to incubating the eggs.

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