Norwich Peregrines Activity Log Friday 13/4/18

9:30 The initial report is of GA high on the south eastern face of the spire whilst the male is incubating the eggs.
10:30 An hour in and we get a changeover, the locations are swapped almost identically.
10:56 The male departs and shortly afterwards returns with deceased prey. He feeds from this after preparing it whilst sat on the second crocket down.
11:26 Both birds leave the spire simultaneously but GA soon returns to incubate, the male however heads off to the south.
12:05 The male returns to the spire at the second crocket down again.
14:00 An inconvenience for everyone at the watch point as it means our limited view becomes no view, but the male relocates to the north face no to shelter more from the wind.
14:35 He disappears from the back of the spire and heads south east, returning 3 minutes later but then gliding round the close further. He disappears for a matter of moments out over the school playing fields and returns with a feral pigeon.
14:45 An intruding female is loosely seen off by the female here, the male takes over incubation.
15:00 She returns back and perches 3?crockets down.

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