Norwich Peregrines Activity Log 3rd June

9:30 As we begin to haul the various trolleys out of the garage we come to a grinding halt due to GA alarming noisily above us rather than a lack of muscle to wheel them round. She continues her deafening alarm call as she flies off to the east in pursuit of two red kites beating their wings with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. The Male peregrine is actually the bird behaving in a manner more commonly associated with the species the female is in pursuit of, he remains glued to the spire at his elevated perch.

10:17 GA must of arrived back in a quieter fashion than she had departed in, as the next sighting of her is at the second crocket below the top south window.

10:18 The Male gets up and off his perch, he gains some considerable altitude where he also meets a kite in the sky, although he fulfilled his duties in a far quieter manner.

10:30 The male who had eventually drifted out of sight is now spotted still at altitude but on a southern course, he stoops out of sight behind the tree line, five minutes later he’s spotted to the north east mobbing a buzzard before again eventually disappearing.

10:47 GA flies out roughly eastward possibly to help the Male with his plight but gets distracted and mobs some gulls nearer to home.

10:51 Both birds are now simultaneously visible in the air, the Male out to the west with the female not a million miles distant from him, ten minutes later she returns back to the spire at accelerated and seemingly unnecessary but manageable pace.

11:12 Again Both birds are in the sky the Male drifting towards us from the north west before passing straight over and being joined by the female to the south east towards the train station.

11:19 The falcon returns, she perched on the south east face 9 crockets short of the finials.

11:55 GA takes some more exercise, this time heading briefly to the east before coming back and perching three crockets above her previous temporary abode.

12:20 Just as I’m mulling over heading round to set up for the bishops garden event for the afternoon the female provides more cause to type, she again heads to the east before once more returning at great pace to the spire five minutes later.

14:38 After only very brief glimpses and short individual visits back to base both peregrines return in unison, the female lands two down whilst the male comes close to landing but eventually continues his patrol northward.

15:12 The male, who hasn’t been spotted stationary for hours and must be as fit as the participants of the bike ride coming through all day finally comes to a rest; he lands at his dinner table of choice, the golden finials and plucks a recently demised feral.

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