Norwich Peregrines Activity Log 12th June

9:30 If ever there was a scene which sums up GA’s progression from last year, it’s the one we’re greeted with upon our arrival; with her chicks having been venturing to new lengths by hopping up onto the camera she is diligently keeping a close eye on them from just above the platform window.

10:11 The male arrives for the first time today carrying prey which he takes directly to the highest eastern plucking window,  after flying about with it briefly after a bit of plucking he lands in the same spot again and the feathers begin to tumble with more gusto.

10:38 Reminiscent of yesterday afternoon the male leaves his kill behind when he moves round to the southern plucking window, perhaps he feels if one of the chicks is going to venture even further imminently then it would be better to do so not weighing an excessive amount.

10:52 The male takes up an ever so slightly higher altitude perch after the briefest of flights which concludes with him three crockets below the summit.

11:40 In a reversal of the last point the male again briefly takes to the air before landing at the highest southern window once more.

12:03 The male now heads out to see the sights of Tombland and the city beyond, clearly nothing catches his eye though as within five minutes he’s back in his usual haunt.

12:17 Both the male and female fly off in unison to intercept what we believe was a distant intruder, it clearly doesn’t pose much of a threat though as within three minutes the female is back where she was and within a further two minutes so is the male.

12:38 The male flies to the west once more, he half heartedly has a stab at a stoop before returning again to the same perch.

13:25 Another ten minute excursion westward from the male ultimately sees no change in the state of play other than the female having recently moved higher up the spire to be only one above where the male perches.

14:00 The male moves down and around to now rest just three crockets below the window.

14:25 The pair both leave and head westward for some unknown reason.

14:35 GA returns after her short excursion to perch just above the box again. Five minutes later the male lands on the crocket next door, he soon thinks better of this though and lands again actually level with the platform.

15:30 Once more the pair fly west simultaneously with only brief views of the male on offer before we begin to pack away.

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