Norwich Peregrine Third Chick Update

It’s with great regret that we have to report that the third chick has died. The cause of death is inconclusive. However the other two chicks are feeding and look healthy so lets hope that they will continue to do well.

2 Responses to Norwich Peregrine Third Chick Update

  1. Hello Zoe. Great sadness today, especially the way the chick got tangled up in GA’s talons. Everyone on NCP Peregrines Facebook group are shocked, especially after how last years season ended. I was wondering if you had any video footage of when and how GA actually got caught up with the chick. Like last year when GA attacked the chick and knocked it to the ground. If you do have and can post it, it will be much appreciated by everyone.
    Thank you for all your tireless work.
    Paul Carpenter.

  2. Thank you Zoe.
    I have just been watching the two babes feeding eagerly. Hope they continue to do well.

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