Norwich Peregrine 2017 breeding season in an (egg) shell

2017 proved a dramatic and, at times, emotionally-charged Peregrine breeding season at Norwich cathedral. Share the season’s highs and lows in this video summary

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  1. can anyone tell me why i can no longer get on the webcams.i have been able to for the last few years i had no problem so why now all of a sudden.

    • Hi Jackie. The cameras are working fine, but we have had several cases through the season of people unable to access the video as their computer browser no longer automatically updates Flash (the programme that plays the video on your machine). Try a manual Flash update and that should work.

  2. Oh thank you so much. What a great video you did. I had no idea an intruder was in the nest trying to take the baby to eat it. My my the little thing was on its back helpless and scared to death, but thank God the intruder went away. I am so glad the baby falcon is strong and doing good.

    I will always treasure this very special video you put together for those of us who watched this year to see the only chick…that was quite the little character too…grow and successfully fledge. Thank you sincerely, from California, USA

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