Norwich Log Sunday 10th June

Thanks to John Curson for being awake and here far earlier than anyone ever should be on a Sunday, the activity before my usual day all comes courtesy of his notepad.

5:45 All chicks on edge of platform.

5:50 Male lands just above and left of the box.

6:05 Prey being plucked (feathers seen coming down).

6:10 Male leaves.

7:00 Female lands at the top.

7:10 Female leaves.

7:30 The female returns with a large prey item, she lands on the north east face below the platform level.

7:40 Female takes prey to gold decoration.

7:50 Male leaves but returns at 8.

8:10 Female takes kill to box after completing a fly by lap.

8:31 Female leaves box and lands four down on the south face.

8:55 Male seen coming in from north but unknown where he landed.

9:22 Male spotted circling very high above the spire. 

The rest of the days report comes courtesy of our volunteers, in particular Julie Curl for diligently filling out the log book all morning.

9:35 Female seen 3 crockets below the platform window.

10:35 Male brings in food, he plucks this on the north face and the swifts collect many of the freed feathers as they drift away.

10:45 Male takes the food to the platform ledge and feeds the chicks inside from here for a while before hopping in to ensure all get their share.

11:00 Male leaves box leaving his remnants behind, he soon turns his attention to mobbing a gull before landing just below the highest window.

11:25 An intruder passes distantly by on a north west course through the edge of the territory, GA vacates her perch in a loose pursuit which eventually sees her deter the intruder away to the east.

11:35 GA calls as she flies into the north face of the spire to hide from us yet again.

12:25 Soon after passing a bowel movement the female flies.

13:20 The male initially moves higher up the spire before making a rapid flight away to the east.

13:22 GA who had clearly snuck off unseen now returns from the south east.

13:25 GA hurls herself from the crocket and heads south west in noisy fashion, this deters a buzzard which was heading in from that direction, especially as the Male combines his efforts.

13:27 The tiercel returns to two down from where he surveys his territory.

14:44 The pair head off in differing directions simultaneously. 

15:26 As the week begins to draw to a close GA finally returns, landing four below the summit.

15:30 The female now moves down the spire to be in closer proximity to the soon to be fledglings, she initially lands on the box itself but soon moves to perch on the camera.

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