Norwich daily activity log 14/6/17

9:45 We start the day with GA sat level with the vacated platform; The chick on the southern face bell tower crenellations and the males whereabouts unknown.

9:50 The worst of all events for those at the watchpoint; the Female departed whilst we were still preoccupied with the set up and at the same time the chick hopped down onto the bell tower roof out of sight.

10:20 GA returns to land on the fourth crocket short of the summit on the eastern face.

10:40 After 20 minutes rest from the already powerful sun the female again flies, this time to the west.

11:24 The chick finally comes out of hiding and perches on the south face of the bell tower atop the crenellations.

11:30 After having sat in view for a far shorter period than we would of wished for the chick takes a short maiden witnessed voyage before landing again on the bell tower. GA moves to the crocket below the platform directly above the Juvenile with the male simultaneously arriving to the crocket below the top window.

11:40 Male flies west.

12:05 GA flies to the south east.

12:10 The Female returned and settled two crockets from the summit.

12:19 GA flew off.

12:21 Male mobs a buzzard at high altitude with GA also in the sky at the same time being very noisy.

12:29 GA returns to from whence she did come before hopping round one crocket further south.

12:49 GA flies South to meet the male in the air before circling together.

12:53 The chick takes flight from the bell tower, it flies straight over the watchpoint and a little way south before returning via a chimney pot opposite the watchpoint where it was vocally harassed by the resident magpies. After this noisy tirade the chick takes a short flight to the lower pinnacles of the southern nave.

13:00 Male returns then GA follows.

14:42 The chick now takes its third trip of the day away from the cathedral, it flies briefly east before returning once more to the south nave lower pinnacle.

14:45 GA flies East.

15:03 The Juvenile flew before landing higher, this time it returns to the bell tower roof.


2 Responses to Norwich daily activity log 14/6/17

  1. Wow she flying here there and everywhere. I miss watching her throughout the day but so glad she made it through her first few days of fledging. At least I might get some work done from now on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who spent hours watching our peregrines when we should have been doing something else. Solo had that effect on us x

  2. Wonderful to hear about the chick’s early exploratory flights. Thank you. Please keep the daily reports coming!

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