Norwich chick fledges 18.52 Monday 12 June 2017

The single chick from the Norwich cathedral nest fledged last night, successfully, if inelegantly, at 18.52. She (?) went of her own accord, after much flapping and jumping and then deciding on where to go. She attempted to fly up to the left, but misjudged slightly, sliding down the wall of the spire. Thankfully, she can be seen flying strongly away from the cathedral lower down. She spent a quiet night and was bright and alert on the morning of the 13th, close to where she was found on the Monday evening.

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  1. Is it possible please H&OT to upload the fledging video on the main Norwich Peregrines part of the site, as not everyone uses social media and therefore can’t access the facebook or twitter links?

    • Hi Bridget. The video is not here at the moment, as the file is too large for our website. We are in the process of sorting this out and as soon as we can we will post a version of the video here.

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