Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Log Saturday 9th June

8:30 Someone forgot to explain British summertime to Mike, he’s there an hour early but as his reward gets to see food come in and be delivered to the chicks before going off to get a Costa run to kick start my weekend.

9:30 The next witnessed activity comes courtesy of the male who is up to his usual tricks, he chases a gull away to the south west.

9:35 The female arrives on site to be seen for the first time today, she perches at the apex of the platform windows frame where just below her one of the offspring is frantically flapping its wings in a bid to become the Schwarzenegger of the peregrine world before it will ever dare to fledge. Meanwhile the male returns and perches exactly where you would expect him to.

10:42 Another gull falls foul of the ill tempered tiercel, having spoiled its morning he goes missing for not much over five minutes before returning from the west.

11:06 Only the deity the peregrines home was constructed in homage too could ever know why, but the pair simultaneously take to the skies, we spend our time looking for the cause of this and whilst we search in vain we lose track of the pair, within four minutes however the female is back perching just above the platform.

11:24 Again the female flies briefly before landing just above the highest window of the south face.

11:38 A buzzard drifts past distantly to the south west, at the same time the female takes to the sky but initially sticks close by before drifting out of sight as we take our eyes off her.

11:42 The females absence is a short one, she soon returns and perches a mere two crockets higher than her previous residency.

11:55 The Male now completes the family register on the spire by coming in to land on a crocket not far above the platform.

12:15 Not long into the dreamy stint of being able to present every member of the family to our visitors the Male clears off again whilst the chicks watch on from the platform ledge.

12:35 Just before the Male comes back in to land the pair fly together briefly before he takes his rest just below the highest window; the female chooses to continue her flight in favour of heading west.

15:00 GA finally returns, her extended absence has proved fruitful though as she carries in a pigeon to the finials and begins to pluck it. Half an hour later I gaze through a scope again to find her taking her own share.

15:33 Eventually The female takes to the sky with her prey, she is lapping the close as I make my way to the facility’s and is still putting on an aerial display when I return. Just before twenty to she eventually enters the platform and feeds any chick who will show an interest in her.

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