Norwich Cathedral Peregrines-Bonus Bishops Garden Activity Log

Today we were able to view to spire from the Bishops Garden. Thanks to all the volunteers for their help and to everyone that visited our stand.

13.00 GA is on top of the spire plucking prey.

13.30 GA flies to the East with the prey, drifting around the great hospital and surrounding areas.

13.32 20 Gulls calling and in distress and move the South East area.

13.40 GA begins to stoop still with the prey in her talons and comes in and lands on the golden finials on top of the spire.

13.58 GA lands two crockets down on the East side.

14.07 Juvenile comes in and lands on the central window.

14.10 Juvenile flies East.

14.12 Juvenile lands  six crockets down on the North West.

14.40 GA flies East, another juvenile is spotted perched on the window arch over the North East window.

14.45 Juvenile from the top of the spire moves to the South East turret and eats food that’s been cached there earlier it then takes the food to the nest box.

14.55 Juvenile is in the nest box feeding.

16.25 Two juveniles and an adult circle the spire calling. One lands on the box, one lands on the plucking window and eats food. The larger juvenile which is very noisy flies out and lands back on the box, it then flies again with another juvenile and both land on the central window.

16.35 Male is in the plucking window eating a pigeon. Larger chick (female) calls often and flies around with another juvenile and sits on the window on the centre of the spire.

16.50 Male mobs a gull to the North of the spire.

We had 261 visitors viewing the peregrines today. If you would like to take a look we will be back in the Bishops garden on the 22nd of July.