Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log Weekender! 22-24/06/2018

Friday 22nd of June. Thanks to Lynn for the extended log and capturing the action on camera.

7.50 GA on spire two crockets down on the South side. Two juveniles on the box.

8.15 GA leaves the spire to chase an intruding male peregrine. Intruder flies close to the nest box GA chases it off.

8.25 Resident male flies high carrying small prey in his talons but does not land. GA returns to spire two crockets down on the South.

9.10 GA stoops off the spire as the male intruder returns, resident male returns to assist. All three juveniles are now in flight with GA and the male.

9.30 GA lands on the nest box. Juveniles out of view on the turrets.

10.36 Male lands second crocket down on the South of the spire.

10.45 GA flies East, two juveniles take to the air one returns to the nest box, the other flies out of view.

10.50 A lapwing flies over.

11.00 Second juvenile lands next to the nest box on a crocket to the right, then flies up to the golden finials on top of the spire.

11.30 Male sneaks off.

11.55 Third juvenile appears on the spire. The juvenile on top of the spire joins it in flight both fly over the watchpoint and the spire together. One lands on the nest platform the other lands on the West turret.

12.40 Three juveniles flying together two land on the crenulations on the West of the spire.

12.44 One juvenile lands on the left hand turret, one juvenile on the North East turret.

13.24 GA lands on the golden finials male lands inside the nest box.

13.28 GA mobs a gull and flies off.

13.55 Male flew South.

14.20 Male returns one crocket above the top window.

14.35 Male stoops down from top window onto a flock of pigeons and then flew West.

15.13 One juvenile lands below the front right turret.

15.20 Two juveniles perched together on the right turret.

15.35 Both juveniles fly together South, GA flies in with a pigeon, both juveniles chase her the third juveniles flies out from the East side of the tower and the male joins the group. The male lands three crockets down from the top window, one juvenile lands on a low cross and GA and the other two juveniles land out of sight on the West.

15.45 One juvenile is seen on the left hand turret. GA flies South.

Saturday 23rd of June

10.00 Male lands two crockets down from the top of the spire. One juvenile is on the North East turret flies North East. Another juvenile is seen on the fleu de lis on the right hand turret.

10.15 Male flew West, one juvenile flew to the East side of the bell tower.

10.22 Male returns two crockets down on the East.

10.52 Male flew West.

11.00 Male returns to the same position. Two juveniles on the North East turret lying down side by side with only their tail feathers in view.

11.44 Male stoops off to the East.

11.50 One juveniles lands on the low cross.

11.55 GA flies in with a pigeon, she lands on the golden finials on top of the spire and plucks. Male lands two crockets down below her. One juveniles is seen to the left of the crenulations.

12.05 Male flew off.

12.31 Male lands two crockets down.

12.36 Male moves down and lands on top of the camera.

12.40 GA flew down with prey to the North East turret to the two juveniles the front juvenile flies around to join them.

12.46 GA lands one crocket down below the top window.

12.47 Male in nest box.

13.04 Male mobs a gull to the East.

13.27 GA flew off.

13.29 GA lands two crockets down on the East.

13.32 Male mobs a Buzzard.

14.20 All three juveniles flying around the close, one briefly landed on the left hand turret fleu de lis then flew off. One juvenile on the nest box, male flew in and out. GA didn’t move.

15.07 GA flew West and circles the close.

15.35 Juveniles all in flight playing above the cloisters.

15.39 Male lands two crockets down from the top of the spire. one juvenile below the roundels.

15.42 Juvenile flies West, all three juveniles flying together.

15.46 Male flies West at speed.

15.50 Male lands on the North side of the spire.

Sunday 24th June

9.30 All juveniles seen, GA on South side of the spire two crockets below the top window.

10.04 GA flies West.

10.07 Male circles the close, Buzzard seen flying East to West.

10.25 Male flies in on North West.

10.26 Juvenile from the East side of the spire to the nest box then leaves.

10.27 One juvenile flies to the male on the spire and knocks him off his crocket and they both fly to the West. Juvenile returns to the top west window.

10.32 Juvenile flies to the South east turret and calls loudly it then flies onto the bell tower.

10.35 GA comes in with prey (pigeon) she is followed by a juvenile. GA lands on West of the spire with male. Male then attacks a gull and follows it back to the colony, male then returns high on the spire. GA sits on the middle window.

11.00 GA flies out with food and  juveniles flying with her they are vocal low over the watchpoint! juvenile finally took the food over the nave, GA the flies around with another piece of prey and is harassed by a Gull looking for an easy meal.

11.50 Police helicopter flying low close to the spire, Male moves to the South side of the spire. Male is seen from the cloisters mobbing a Buzzard then a Gull.

13.00 We move half of the scopes to the Bishops garden for a double watchpoint.

13.10 Juvenile on crocket above middle window has been in the same position for two hours.

13.11 Male flies off North East.

13.50 Buzzard flying to the North East is mobbed by the male, Buzzard turns for a talon to talon position. GA joins male in the attack.

13.55 Little egret flew through the close.

14.50 Male returns two crockets down on the west. One Juvenile on the fle de lis of the North West turret in view from the Bishops garden.

15.15-15.40 All three juveniles take flight, flying together al around the close and above the Bishops garden.

15.45 Two juveniles fly South West and return to the spire on to the top of the spire the other to the nest platform.

15.55 Adult returns briefly, lots of calling from the juveniles, two juveniles take flight, one juvenile that must have received prey from the adult drops a pigeon on to the bell tower.

Thank you to all of the weekend volunteers for their hard work at the watchpoint and help writing the activity log records. A big well done to Brendon Ollett one of our younger volunteers for his brilliant observations and communication skills in which he even used sign language to speak to some visitors today.