Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 28/05/2018

Beautiful sunny day full of great peregrine activity and lots of great visitors to the watchpoint.

9.30 Male comes in carrying prey, followed by GA squawking, both adults go to the nest box and feed the chicks.

10.00 GA on the NE halfway down the spire.

10.31 GA lands on top of the spire with a freshly caught pigeon and plucks the prey.

11.04 GA brings food into the nest and feeds the chicks, male flies around the spire and stoops onto a pigeon over the cloisters he misses and head off North.

11.24 GA is sunbathing in the nest next to the chicks, Males flies by.

11.40 Male lands three crockets down on the left.

11.50 The male flew off.

12.05 GA leaves the box and flies East.

13.02 GA flies off gittering possibly chasing Gulls or a Buzzard which are all above the close. The  tree foliage is obscuring our view.

13.05 Both adults are flying above the close a sparrowhawk is seen.

13.10 GA lands four down on the East.

13.20 GA has gone from her former position either hopped around the spire or flew off.

14.00 GA three down on the West.

14.05 GA flies half way down the spire.

14.10 GA flies off South East in fast flight.

14.18 GA flies on top of the spire with prey (pigeon)

14.28 GA flew after a gull.

14.34 GA flew in with food and lands on the north side, one crocket above the plucking window the male lands three above GA.

14.56 GA fifth crocket down on the East.

15.08 Food pass! to the East, GA catches prey from the male in a mid air pass, male lands three crockets down on the left. GA circles the close carrying the prey whilst calling she then lands on top of the spire and plucks.

15.14 Four Buzzards riding thermals to the West of the spire.

15.29 GA flew West carrying prey, she then takes it to the nest and feeds the chicks.

15.56 GA on the edge of the nest, she then moves one crocket down.

161.00 As we leave GA is perched on top of the camera.





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