Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 27/06/2018

9.25 Successful food pass between a juvenile and the male (thanks to Lynn for witnessing that)

9.45 Male two crockets down on W.

10.05 GA flew in with prey, flying low heads W.

10.07 GA lands two crockets down next the male on the spire holding onto her prey (pigeon).

10.15 GA moves up to the top of the spire on the golden bales and plucks.

10.37 1 juvenile flies onto the E side of the spire.

10.50 Male flies and lands briefly on the left hand turret before flying off.

11.00 Male returns with a freshly caught pigeon and lands on the plucking window and plucks.

11.15 GA leaves, 1 juvenile on the right hand turret below the fleu de lis another juvenile 4 below the top window.

11.28 Male flies out from the plucking window carrying prey, all three juveniles fly out to him calling to the East of the spire over the close the male dropped the prey and the juvenile caught it in flight then lands on the left hand turret fleu de lis and plucks and eats. Another juvenile continues to chase the male calling finally they both land on the North side of the spire.

12.20 GA lands on the lowest window arch on the W of the spire. Male mobbed a gull and lands on the W.

13.30 1 juvenile on the right hand turret. GA still on the window arch. Male on the top window on the W lying down.

13.37 GA flew SW, male also flew off.

13.47 Juvenile cruising the close and lands 4 crockets down from the top of the spire.

13.59 GA lands 2 down from the top.

14.15 1 juvenile lands 2 down from the top next to GA. Another juvenile cruises the close, GA flew S.

14.21 Male on nest box. 2 juveniles on N side of the spire.

14.25 GA 3 down from the top.

14.28 1 juvenile lands 3 up from the lowest window, then flew off, male flew to the lowest turret.

14.36 Male flew in with prey, 3 juveniles flew out to the male the male dropped the prey the juvenile didn’t get it and it landed on the ground. 1 of the juveniles land on the box, males circles the close.

14.43 Male circling the spire yikkering.

14.47 Male lands 2 down, GA and the male can be seen in the same view, another juvenile is 3 crockets up from the bottom.

15.23 Juvenile from nest box flew off.

15.31 Male hopped across two crockets to the right. 1 juvenile is circling around.

15.34 1 juvenile 4 crockets up from the bottom window.

15.46 1 juvenile flew N, juvenile from the fleu de lis flies around to the East side of the spire.

16.00 We leave the watchpoint with the family unit in the same position.