Norwich Cathedral Peregrines Activity Log- 27/05/2018

Thanks to Jan Smith for the  activity log.

Thanks to Chris we know that the chicks were fed around 07.00 and that about 07.30 GA flew to drive off a red kite and made contact with it over the Watch Point.

09.30 GA on the platform with the chicks. The male high up on the west of the spire

10.45 The male flies briefly west before returning to he same place. He repeats this manoeuvre twice in 30 minutes.

11.20 GA flies west after a gull returns briefly to the platform then flies west again.

11.50 Male flies to platform.

11.51 GA flies south briefly before attacking a lesser black backed gull directly over the Watch Point before stooping to the north of the spire. Both adults then fly round  the spire for about 20 minutes, including a stoop to the north west by the male. They then briefly fly in different directions before at 

12.10 GA returns to the top of the spire on the north east. All settles down for the hottest part of the day until at about 

13.00 GA flies briefly east and then north before landing on the platform She then drops dramatically onto the south east turret and then to the north east turret larder to retrieve some tasty morsel stored some time earlier with which she flies round for several minutes before returning to the platform to feed chicks. 

13.40 She returns whatever is left of the food to the north of the spire, starches it then flies north east. Both adults then fly around again (great views for visitors).

14.09 Male is perched and preening on apex of south west window.

14.53 Both adults the top of the spire one on the east and one on the west, giving clear views to visitor.

14.57 For the next 40 minutes or more both birds repeatedly fly for brief periods. Several of these appear to be unsuccessful hunting flights. 

15.45 GA flies to the nest platform where she is shortly joined by the male. The chicks are being fed but unfortunately as we were closing the Watch Point we were unable to identify whether this was more cached remains or if they had made a fresh kill.


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